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About YPPO
About YPPO
YPPO represents:

Y outh
P lanet
P rotector
O rganisation

The number of members of YPPO has now reached
students inhabitat in
nations distributed all over this beautiful planet.

The YPPO was founded by Fabian Schneider (right) and Rami Aly (left) in 2016:

The first collaborative community project named
aims to deploy probes in ocean cycles to transmit real-time environment data.
Time until the next transmission of sensor data.

YPPO has reached numerous young students all over the world already! You can explore the various nations in which YPPO members are inhabited via the interactive map above. The map is a helpful tool for non-YPPO visitors to get an idea of the wide distribution of YPPO members, but also for YPPO to find other students that may be able to support your project due to their access to a specific region. We are proud of the number of people who share equal values and take action:


Our goal of scientific collaboration can only be achieved through a wide international network. It is essential for international exchange and implementation of projects on a global scale. We were able to connect different youths all around the world. The number of distinct nations our members are inhabited in has increased to an exceptional level:


YPPO was originally founded by Rami Aly and Fabian Schneider from Hamburg, Germany. They decided to take action and connect students with the purpose to encourage a stronger scientific impact in current debates on global issues. They never expected such a dynamic network and are thankful for all the beauty that lies beneath our oceans. They are responsible for the YPPO technical infrastructure and empower the international communication via the YPPO network. Furthermore, they organize frequently online exchanges and activities - as YPPO member you can participate via the Online Live Exchange Interface (OLEI).

Fabian Schneider
Co-founder of YPPO
Hamburg, Germany
19 years
Homepage ➚,Facebook ➚
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Rami Aly
Co-founder of YPPO
Hamburg, Germany
19 years
GitHub ➚
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The permanent exchange and communication among members of YPPO have helped many students to realize their projects. Especially our central aim - to bring more scientific aspects in current debates and local projects - has received positive feedback. Some YPPO members agreed to share their opinions with the public:

❞ The only way to solve any problem addressing our environment and future, e.g. climate change, is to talk about scientific solutions! ❞, Simon Krus (Germany)

❞ My friend and I thought about collecting water from all over the world. However, achieving all of this requires a network with members all over the world like YPPO's. ❞, Lilli Nguyen Phirun (Thailand)

❞ I try to help our earth so that I have a place to live in, in the future. Because if our Earth dies, we also will. ❞, Mahmut Abdel-Rahman (Egypt)

❞There is nothing more intriguing than science. Science's beauty should not be used for the destruction of our beloved earth. I want to make a positive change. ❞, Miguel Fernandes (Azores, Portugal)

❞ We have to start understanding nature's problems caused by us. Our destructive and threatening behavior must stop now! ❞, Tommy Ladner (USA)

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